Kim Holloman

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Evaluation of a hospital's financial condition is often contingent upon the analysis of financial ratios. This study of 114 Illinois hospitals sought to simplify the financial assessment process by exploring the empirical dimensions that underlie 25 financial ratios. Results of a factor analytic solution suggest that there are five underlying factors which(More)
This study is an analysis of the electrocardiograms (ECGs) of 87 adult patients taken during hospital admission for sickle cell disease (homozygous S). The age range was 18 to 55 years: 38 were men and 49 were women. Seventy-two percent of all patients had abnormal ECGs. Nonspecific ST-T (NS-ST-T) wave abnormalities (53 percent) and QT interval prolongation(More)
Hospital administrators must have timely, valid, and interpretable financial information that allows them to make operational decisions in response to the threats of the changing health care environment. Aggregate indexes that reflect dimensions of hospital financial performance and simplify the information in financial ratios are needed to aid in decision(More)
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