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A series of amine cyanoboranes, amine carboxyboranes, and boron analogues of alpha-amino acids have been investigated for antineoplastic activity against the growth of Ehrlich ascites cells. Additional studies demonstrated that the boron analogues inhibited DNA and RNA synthesis at 300 microM. The suppression of DNA synthesis of Ehrlich ascites cells(More)
Radar antennas are typically required to operate in using various transmit and receive conditions, depending on the particular radar mode. In active antenna applications, these modes may require different antenna operating parameters, which currently dictate testing the antenna independently in transmit and receive using different test system(More)
— This paper will discuss a highly customizable and integrated waveform generator (WFG) subsystem used to coordinate timing and command sequences between a phased array antenna and the measurement system during antenna testing. The WFG subsystem is an automated digital pattern generator that orchestrates the command and triggering interface between an NSI(More)
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