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Nineteen children (8 girls, 11 boys) were evaluated in a total of 47 three-day sessions across three summers. Children were ranked according to Tanner's stages of secondary sexual characteristics. Nocturnal sleep was recorded from 2200 to 0800 hr each night. Multiple sleep latency tests were given at 2 hr intervals from 0930 each day. Nocturnal sleep time(More)
OBJECTIVE(S) Patient-specific simulated rehearsal (PsR) is a technological advance within the domain of endovascular virtual reality (VR) simulation. It allows incorporation of patient-specific computed tomography Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (CT DICOM) data into the simulation and subsequent rehearsal of real patient cases. This study(More)
In 22 children (11 boys and 11 girls), aged 9 to 13 years, respiration was monitored during one night of sleep. No child had a significant history of breathing problems during sleep. Sleep was recorded using standard techniques (electroencephalography, electrooculography, electromyography), and respiration was measured with nasal thermistors and abdominal(More)
Effects of one night's sleep loss on nocturnal sleep, performance, and sleepiness were evaluated in 12 subjects (8 boys, 4 girls) whose ages ranged from 11.7 to 14.6 years. The magnitude and direction of sleep stage changes after sleep loss were comparable to similar findings in older subjects. Performance test decrements occurred for two measures during(More)
Sleep disorders and daytime sleepiness have been investigated only minimally in children. The sleep habits of 218 children, ages 10-13 years, were surveyed by a sleep habits questionnaire (SHQ). Our results demonstrate that total night time sleep on school nights begins to fall in early adolescence, whereas it remains relatively stable on non-school nights.(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The Eschmann multiple-use introducer is widely used in the management of difficult intubations. Transillumination of the neck is less commonly used. We conducted a randomized crossover study comparing the Trachlight lightwand and Eschmann multiple-use introducer in simulated difficult intubation. METHODS Sixty-four healthy(More)
OBJECTIVES Previous studies have suggested that perforating vein incompetence is reduced by surgery to superficial veins. This study analysed the effect in a randomised clinical trial. DESIGN Retrospective analysis of duplex data. METHODS Patients in this study were part of the ESCHAR randomised controlled trial. All patients had chronic venous leg(More)
BACKGROUND In animal models of circulatory shock and heart failure concentrations of the endogenous opioid peptide beta endorphin are raised and opioid receptor blockade improves haemodynamic variables and survival. This study was performed to identify whether acute myocardial ischaemia provokes the release of beta endorphin in humans. METHODS(More)
Lung tumours of non small cell pathology were cultured by clonogenic assay in several media. Culture was successful in spleen conditioned medium, but only 57% grew and low plating efficiencies (PE) meant that only 23% of the original number produced significant drug results. Comparison of rat erythrocyte lysate (REL) medium with serum free defined medium(More)