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Comparative sequencing of >7 kb of highly variable chloroplast genome regions (atpB-rbcL, trnS-trnG, rpl22-rps19, and rps19-rpl2 spacers; introns in atpF, trnG, trnK, and rpl16) with microsatellites known from other angiosperms was carried out in Coffea. Samples comprised 8 diploid species of Coffea, 5 individuals of tetraploid C. arabica representing(More)
Forests of SW Ethiopia constitute the native habitat of Coffea arabica and also the place where domestication of Arabica coffee started. Selection from wild populations has led to numerous landraces (farmer’s varieties) and cultivars. Inter-simple sequence repeats (ISSRs) were generated from a representative set of forest coffee populations and landraces(More)
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