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SHS.com (Shared Healthcare Systems) provides software solutions and services for the senior healthcare market. In 1998, SHS engaged Cooper to help design a next-generation healthcare information system that would for the first time provide true integration of clinical, financial, and case management information, allowing comprehensive management of(More)
Invasive plants have devastating effects on ecosystems and biodiversity that early intervention can prevent. Eradication or containment of new invasions is difficult to achieve because of constraints posed by the low density and detectability of individuals. Domestic dogs trained to cue on distinctive scents might provide an effective method to detect(More)
Personas for use in interaction and interface design have generated a great deal of interest, but the method is still relatively new. This panel brings together professionals who have used personas to solve real business problems. The panelists will describe the methods they have developed to put personas to work in their organizations and how the use of(More)
E astern Montana is a vast region dominated by weed-free plains grassland. The protection of these prairies from the spread of invasive plants through weed prevention areas (WPAs) can preserve high-quality rangelands for wildlife, livestock, and other ecosystem goods and services. Eastern Montana sustains a spacious region of native grasslands and(More)
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