Kim Eliard

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Musical performance is a viable test case for studying the behavioural processes of the production and decoding of body expressivity in a naturalistic setting. The present study focuses on how a violinist's body expression can adapt to a variety of expressive styles. Using a motion capture system, we were able to capture body segments and the instrumental(More)
The emotions expressed through music have often been investigated by asking listeners to fill questionnaires at the end of a given musical performance or an excerpt; only few studies have been dedicated to the understanding of the dynamics of emotions expressed by music in laboratory or in social contexts. Based on a specific model of emotions related to(More)
This paper investigates whether specific non-verbal behavioral variables may enable to distinguish between performing an action alone or jointly in a group. We consider the test case of a first violinist in a string quartet. Starting from the observation of audio-video recordings, non-expert participants were instructed to report whether they reckoned the(More)
Visual information is imperative when developing a concrete and context-sensitive understanding of how music performance is perceived. Recent studies highlight natural, automatic, and nonconscious dependence on visual cues that ultimately refer to body expressions observed in the musician. The current study investigated how the social context of a(More)
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