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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy (SABR) is an emerging treatment modality for primary renal cell carcinoma. To account for respiratory-induced target motion, an internal target volume (ITV) concept is often used in treatment planning of SABR. The purpose of this study is to assess patterns of kidney motion and investigate(More)
Research on Interactive Storytelling has mainly focused on the opposition between a discourse point of view and a character point of view for a story. In this paper, we propose an approach to model Interactive Storytelling using Linear Logic, which is a support for reasoning on both points of view. Then we give an example on an educational game that shows(More)
We present a case study of interactive story creation, in which we applied a proof mechanism based on Linear Logic to the authoring process. After initial scenario modeling for dynamic plot generation based on planning, we used the mechanism in iterations of refinements to find possible problems within a huge possibility space of resulting discourses. We(More)
Smooth linear statistics of random permutation matrices, sampled under a general Ewens distribution, exhibit an interesting non-universality phenomenon. Though they have bounded variance, their fluctuations are asymptotically non-Gaussian but infinitely divisible. The fluctuations are asymptotically Gaussian for less smooth linear statistics for which the(More)
Debugging is one of the main requirements for Interactive Storytelling (IS) authoring tools. During the authoring phase, authors have to specify large numbers of rules and actions as well as consider many possible paths. As a consequence, flaws may happen and finding them " by hand " is complex. Therefore the validation of an IS becomes a crucial issue and(More)
PURPOSE This study analyses seminal vesicle displacement relative to the prostate and in relation to treatment time. METHOD A group of eleven patients undergoing prostate cancer radiotherapy were imaged with a continuous 3 T cine-MRI in the standard treatment setup position. Four images were recorded every 4 seconds for 15 minutes in the sagittal plane(More)
In previous works [3, 4], we showed how to use Linear Logic to model an Interactive Storytelling (IS). Proceeding from the achieved results, this paper introduces a methodology for authors to derive a valid scenario of an IS. In the paper, we will explain the implementation of the methodology via a detailed presentation of the steps in the process of IS(More)
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