Kim Doang Nguyen

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Unit (IMU) provides the accuracy, fast response and robustness required by many body motion processing applications. Our sensor unit consists of an accelerometer, a 3-axis magnetic sensor, 2 gyroscopes and a miniature linear encoder. The fusion of data from the sensors is accomplished by extracting the gravity related term from the accelerometer and(More)
In this paper we explore the motion control of a robotic puppet through motion capture data. A motion mapping technique is investigated to map the human motion into marionette motion, and from that calculate the rotation of the servo motors to achieve desired marionette motions. A software was developed to capture human motions utilizing a bend-twist sensor(More)
In this paper, we present a novel sensing technique, Optical Linear Encoder (OLE), in which the motion of an optical encoder on a reflective strip is converted to limb joints' goniometric data. A body sensing module is designed to integrate the OLE and an accelerometer. A sensor network of three sensing modules is established via Controller Areas Network(More)
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