Kim Corbin-Lewis

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This paper will provide a review of aspects of vocal aging within the context of general body aging and describe two data sets related to the aging voice. Data will be presented which document pre- to posttreatment improvement in select voice characteristics (sound pressure level, subglottal air pressure, thyroarytenoid laryngeal muscle activity and voice(More)
Teachers commonly report voice problems and often seek medical assistance for voice-related complaints. Despite the prevalence of voice disorders within this occupation, there are no studies evaluating the effectiveness of treatment programs designed to remedy the voice problems of teachers. To assess the functional effects of two voice therapy approaches,(More)
Voice problems are common among schoolteachers. This prospective, randomized clinical trial used patient-based treatment outcomes measures combined with acoustic analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of two treatment programs. Forty-four voice-disordered teachers were randomly assigned to one of three groups: voice amplification using the ChatterVox(More)
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