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In comparison with most animal behaviours, circadian rhythms have a well-characterized molecular genetic basis. Detailed studies of circadian clock genes in 'model' organisms provide a foundation for interpreting the functional and evolutionary significance of polymorphic circadian clock genes found within free-living animal populations. Here, we describe(More)
Acknowledgments This paper could not possibly have happened without the insights, wisdom, and nudges from Rose Colby. As always, Susan Patrick has been a collaborative and incredibly supportive partner in advancing competency education. I would also like to thank the many people who dedicated time to share their experiences, including Also, I want to thank(More)
In birds, the number of sperm trapped between the perivitelline membranes around the ovum is an estimate of sperm numbers present at the time and place of fertilisation in the female reproductive tract. Sperm numbers may vary among species and between eggs in a clutch and can provide information about sperm utilisation and mechanisms of sperm competition.(More)
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