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OBJECTIVE To measure the Tardieu Scale's reliability in children with cerebral palsy (CP) when used by raters with and without experience in using the scale, before and after training. DESIGN Single-center, intrarater and interrater reliability study. SETTING Institutional ambulatory care. PARTICIPANTS Referred children with CP in the pretraining(More)
Lithium fluoride (LiF) TLD-100 is one of the most commonly used thermoluminescent (TL) materials for the measurement of entrance surface dose (ESD) in diagnostic radiology. However, the minimum detectable dose (MDD) achieved, as derived from measurements of the random uncertainty present in the background signal, is usually quoted as being 50-100 microGy. A(More)
BACKGROUND Physician organizations recommend screening for health care behaviors. Despite these recommendations, health care providers worry that questions on sensitive topics may not be accepted by their patients. To determine if there is a relationship between health care screening by providers and acceptance of that screening by patients, a survey of(More)
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