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In this paper, we make use of Home Automation techniques to design and implement a remotely controlled, energy-efficient and highly scalable Smart Home with basic features that safeguard the residents' comfort and security. Our system consists of a house network (sensors and appliance actuators to respectively get information from and control the house(More)
Autonomous mobile service robots move in our buildings, carrying out different tasks across multiple floors. While moving and performing their tasks, these robots find themselves in a variety of states. Although speech is often used for communicating the robot's state to humans, such communication can often be ineffective. We investigate the use of lights(More)
We look at the problem of enabling a mobile service robot to autonomously adapt to user preferences over repeated interactions in a long-term time frame, where the user provides feedback on every interaction in the form of a rating. We assume that the robot has a discrete and finite set of interaction options from which it has to choose one at every(More)
— In order to be successfully integrated into human-populated environments, mobile robots need to express relevant information about their state to the outside world. In particular, animated lights are a promising way to express hidden robot state information such that it is visible at a distance. In this work, we present an online study to evaluate the(More)
Acknowledgements First, I would like to thank Joydeep Biswas, Brian Coltin, Stephanie Rosenthal, and everyone else who contributed to making CoBot what it is today, and without whom this thesis would have certainly not been conceivable. I would like to acknowledge Ana Paiva and the rest of the GAIPS group for their guidance in my user studies. I also thank(More)
Home automation is becoming popular due to its numerous benefits. Home automation refers to the control of home appliances and domestic features by local networking or by remote control. Artificial Intelligence provides us the framework to go real-time decision and automation for Internet of Things (IoT). The work deals with discussion about different(More)
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