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PURPOSE To investigate the incidence of germline and somatic BRCA1/2 mutations in unselected patients with triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) and determine the prognostic significance of carrying a mutation. METHODS DNA was obtained from 77 TNBC and normal tissues. BRCA1/2 exons/flanking regions were sequenced from tumor and patients classified as(More)
SUMMARY. The block bootstrap for time series consists in randomly resampling blocks of consecutive values of the given data and aligning these blocks into a bootstrap sample. Here we suggest improving the performance of this method by aligning with higher likelihood those blocks which match at their ends. This is achieved by resampling the blocks according(More)
Early results of the fludarabine, cyclophosphamide, and rituximab (FCR) regimen in 224 patients showed that it was highly active as initial therapy of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. In this report, we present the final results of all 300 study patients at a median follow up of 6 years. The overall response rate was 95%, with complete remission in 72%,(More)
BACKGROUND To compare nondestructive in vivo and ex vivo micro-computed tomography (muCT) and ex vivo dual-energy-X-ray-absorptiometry (DXA) in characterizing mineralized cortical and trabecular bone response to prostate cancer involving the skeleton in a mouse model. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS In vivo microCT was performed before and 10 weeks after(More)
PURPOSE We sought to determine whether phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) pathway mutation or activation state and rapamycin-induced feedback loop activation of Akt is associated with rapamycin sensitivity or resistance. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Cancer cell lines were tested for rapamycin sensitivity, Akt phosphorylation, and mTOR target inhibition. Mice(More)
PURPOSE We tested the hypothesis that allosteric Akt inhibitor MK-2206 inhibits tumor growth, and that PTEN/PIK3CA mutations confer MK-2206 sensitivity. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN MK-2206 effects on cell signaling were assessed in vitro and in vivo. Its antitumor efficacy was assessed in vitro in a panel of cancer cell lines with differing PIK3CA and PTEN(More)
An abnormality in neurodevelopment is one of the most robust etiologic hypotheses in schizophrenia (SZ). There is also strong evidence that genetic factors may influence abnormal neurodevelopment in the disease. The present study evaluated in SZ patients, whose brain structural data had been obtained with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the possible(More)
The clinical course for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia is extremely heterogeneous. The Rai and Binet staging systems have been used to risk-stratify patients; most patients present with early-stage disease. We evaluated a group of previously untreated patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) at initial presentation to University of Texas(More)
CD20 is a 33- to 36-kDa transmembrane phosphoprotein involved in the activation, proliferation, and differentiation of B lymphocytes. The predicted amino acid sequence of the CD20 suggests 4 transmembrane-spanning regions with both N- and C-termini located in the cytoplasm. We demonstrate herein that significant levels of circulating CD20 (cCD20) can be(More)