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The quantity and sophistication of threats targeting ADSL routers is on a steady increase. There is a reliance on end-users to ensure that their ADSL router is secure by continually updating the firmware, using strong authentication credentials, and enabling the in-built firewall. However, to do this, the end-user must be presented with well written(More)
One of the main problems for underwater terrain navigation using the correlation method is the significant computing time due to the large amount of calculations. When the algorithm is used on a regular PC, the processing time is far too long for real time applications. The Swedish navy is interested in a none-revealing terrain navigation system that can(More)
While sanitation is fundamental for health and wellbeing, cities of all sizes face growing challenges in providing safe, affordable and functional sanitation systems that are also sustainable. Factors such as limited political will, inadequate technical, financial and institutional capacities and failure to integrate safe sanitation systems into broader(More)
Sammanfattning Abstract When flying a fighter aircraft such as the JAS 39 Gripen, the pilot is exposed to high g-loads. In order to prevent the draining of blood from the brain during this stress an anti-g protection system is used. The system consists of a pair of trousers, called the anti-g trousers, with inflatable bladders. The bladders are filled with(More)
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