Kim Allen Kluge

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We examined the potential to classify sleep and waking state over the first 6 months of life in normal infants using only cardiac and respiratory measures. Twelve hour all-night polygraph recordings which included EEG, eye movement, whole body movement, facial muscle electromyographic, cardiac, and respiratory activity from 25 normal infants were collected(More)
Coordination between physiological measures (i.e., the tendency for measures to co-vary with each other) develops with maturation in the infant. We hypothesized that correlations between cardiorespiratory measures would increase with maturation in normal infants and that infants destined to die of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) would show lower(More)
We have cloned the human homologue of the inward rectifier K+ channel from both heart and brain tissue (HHBIRK1). The human clones were identical to each other in their coding regions and were highly homologous to the mouse macrophage (IRK1) channel. The inward rectifier currents from human and mouse clones were characterized using a novel strategy for(More)
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