Kiltesh Patel

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Cross-platform analysis of gene express data requires multiple, intricate processes at different layers with various platforms. However, existing tools handle only a single platform and are not flexible enough to support custom changes, which arise from the new statistical methods, updated versions of reference data, and better platforms released every(More)
BACKGROUND The quality of predictive modeling in biomedicine depends on the amount of data available for model building. OBJECTIVE To study the effect of combining microarray data sets on feature selection and predictive modeling performance. METHODS Empirical evaluation of stability of feature selection and discriminatory power of classifiers using(More)
Microarray probes and reads from massively parallel sequencing technologies are two most widely used genomic tags for a transcriptome study. Names and underlying technologies might differ, but expression technologies share a common objective-to obtain mRNA abundance values at the gene level, with high sensitivity and specificity. However, the initial tag(More)
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