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We describe a quantitative study of vortex generation due to non-equilibrium electrokinetics near a micro/nanochannel interface. The microfluidic device is comprised of a microchannel with a set of nanochannels. These perm-selective nanochannels induce flow instability and thereby produce strong vortex generation. We performed tracking visualization of(More)
This paper proposes a novel method to form ion-selective nanochannel networks between two microfluidic channels using geometrically controlled in situ self-assembled nanoparticles. We present a thorough experimental and theoretical analysis of nanoscale electrokinetics using the proposed microplatform. The nano-interstices between these assembled(More)
Research interest on transportation of ion through nanoscale geometries has increased recently due to its emerging applications such as energy harvesting, biomolecule concentration/separation, water purification, chemical mixing etc. Besides of application studies using ion transportation, the fundamental research for revealing and understanding mechanism(More)
—A hybrid method is proposed to compute the radar cross section (RCS) of multiple wire scatterers with an arbitrary orientation. Foldy-Lax equations in vector form are transformed into self-consistent equations for including the multiple scattering effects between scatterers. A thin-wire approximation of a method of moment (MoM) is used for calculating the(More)
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