Kilian Roth

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The assistance received by the surgeon from support personnel during surgical laparoscopy is extremely important. This includes the retracting of instruments and the positioning of the endoscope. However, human assistance is costly and often does not provide satisfaction for the surgeon. The aim of the project was to develop a mechanical arm capable of(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether reprocessed single-use devices would meet regulatory standards for sterility and meet the same materials standards as a new device. DESIGN The study included single-use and reusable biopsy forceps and papillotomes and a reusable stone retrieval basket. The suitability of these devices for cleaning and disinfection or(More)
One of the keys to safe laparoscopic or thoracoscopic surgery is an expeditious and reliable access to the region of interest. To minimise the risk of accidental injury to major vessels, lung, intestine and other important structures the principle of controlled visualised access has been advocated. This has led to several developments in the field of(More)
The importance of a safer approach to the abdominal cavity has led to several developments in the field of trocars, cannulae and puncture techniques. Examples are the insertion of a needle scope into a Veress needle, complex access cannulae and our new principle of using an "optical scalpel". In our view, direct optical visualization and actively(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether reprocessed single-use devices (SUD) would (1) meet regulatory standards for sterility, and (2) meet the same material standards as new devices or if they pose an infection risk to other patients. DESIGN The study included in the first stage single-use laparoscopic dissection devices and in the second stage a variety of(More)
Prions cause various transmissible spongiform encephalopathies. They are highly resistant to the chemical and physical decontamination and sterilization procedures routinely used in healthcare facilities. The decontamination procedures recommended for the inactivation of prions are often incompatible with the materials used in medical devices. In this(More)
—For 5G it will be important to leverage the available millimeter wave spectrum. To achieve an approximately omni-directional coverage with a similar effective antenna aperture compared to state of the art cellular systems, an antenna array is required at both the mobile and basestation. Due to the large bandwidth and inefficient amplifiers available in(More)
The use of low resolution analog-to-digital converters is an effective solution to reduce the complexity and the power consumption of the analog front-end, especially in the context of massive multiple-antenna and large system bandwidth. However, most well-known signal parameter estimation algorithms assume that the receiver has access to the observations(More)