Kilian O'Donoghue

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We present the evaluation of an electromagnetic position tracking system for use with virtual bronchoscopy systems. Our system utilises a planar magnetic coil array and commercially available search coil sensors. Experimental results show the EM tracking accuracy to be in the range of 11.5mm, which is comparable to both commercial and research systems. The(More)
The use of magnets for anchoring of instrumentation in minimally invasive surgery and endoscopy has become of increased interest in recent years. Permanent magnets have significant advantages over electromagnets for these applications; larger anchoring and retraction force for comparable size and volume without the need for any external power supply.(More)
The effect of a so called "coupling factor", /spl alpha/, on the spectrum of a simple 2D oscillator is investigated. An exact analytical solution for the spectrum of this oscillator is presented. We find that the position of the peak of the oscillator spectrum can be moved according to the value of /spl alpha/. Also, nonLorentzian line shapes are shown to(More)
The nonlinearity in Chua's oscillator is commonly implemented as a three-segment piecewise-linear resistor. The piecewise-linear nature of the element means that the implementation requires a significant amount of circuitry and the speed of operation is limited. The qualitative behavior of Chua's oscillator has also been captured using a smooth cubic(More)
Electromagnetic tracking is the gold standard for instrument tracking and navigation in the clinical setting without line of sight. Whilst clinical platforms exist for interventional bronchoscopy and neurosurgical navigation, the limited flexibility and high costs of electromagnetic tracking (EMT) systems for research investigations mitigate against a(More)
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