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This paper discusses product variety design under optimization viewpoint. Product variety design means the challenge to simultaneously design multiple products toward higher optimality beyond ordinary design methods for a single product. The paper explores the possibilities of design optimization for product variety under fixed product architecture. Such(More)
In layout design problems including blank nesting, the positions and directions of layout elements must be determined so as to minimize the total space. It is difficult and computationally time-consuming to find the optimal solution for such layout problems, because they include a lot of underlying combinational conditions. In this paper, we present an(More)
This paper proposes a framework for acquiring design rationale in the conceptual design. Knowledge management is getting much attention for supporting the early phases of design process. While the research outcomes on design rationale might be useful in the direction, their capabilities are still far from practice. Such outcomes are categorized into(More)
This paper discusses possibilities and promises of an advanced knowledge-based design support system based on a framework called DRIFT (Design Rationale Integration Framework of Three layers), which captures reflective design process as a byproduct of inherent design actions. DRIFT is an integration framework of three aspects of design process, i.e., action(More)
A genetic algorithm based optimization method is proposed for a multi-objective design problem of an automotive engine, that includes several difficulties in practical engineering optimization problems. While various optimization techniques have been applied to engineering design problems, a class of realistic engineering design problems face on a mixture(More)
We propose the new biometric verification system using human blinking. The biometric verification system adopts the multimodal method which is based on the size change of blackeye area as a dynamic biometric verification and Gabor wavelet coefficients of four feature points around blackeye area as a static biometric verification. By the computer simulation,(More)
This paper proposes a function approximation scheme based on Voronoi diagram, a technique of computational geometry, toward optimization cost saving in real engineering applications. The scheme consists of a blending function of local information over spatial structure among sample points that is topologically represented with Voronoi diagram, an estimation(More)