Kikuko Nishina

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Recent research trends of the last five years show that richly annotated corpora inspire novel research. These richly annotated corpora are indispensable for progressing research, but also more difficult to manage and maintain due to increasing complexity – what is needed is a way to manage the annotation project in its entirety. However, annotation project(More)
Co-occurring of modal adverbs and clause-final modality forms in the Japanese language exhibits a strong agreement-like behaviour. We refer to such co-occurrences as distant collocations a notion that warrants further consideration within the fields of corpus linguistics and computational linguistics. In this paper we concentrate on a set of suppositional(More)
In this paper, we develop a new method of solving the cluster-size imbalance problem observed when documents and corpora are processed with the Markov Clustering (MCL) Algorithm (Van Dongen, 2000), which is widely recognized as an efficient approach to graph clustering. The Branching MCL (BMCL) and its variant, Reverse Branching MCL (RBMCL) can resize(More)
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