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Heparin was found to prevent calcium oxalate crystal adhesion to chemically injured rat bladder urothelium. Heparin was the only polysaccharide tested which restored injured urothelium to the functional status of normal, uninjured urothelium with respect to anticrystal adhesion properties. Other sulfated glycosaminoglycans, sulfated polysaccharides and(More)
The developing brain is particularly susceptible to lead toxicity; however, the cellular effects of lead on neuronal development are not well understood. The effect of exposure to nanomolar concentrations of lead on several parameters of the developing retinotectal system of frog tadpoles was tested. Lead severely reduced the area and branchtip number of(More)
The upregulation of costimulatory molecules of antigen presenting cells (APC) resulting from interaction with activated T cells was studied in an in vitro system composed of well-characterized murine T hybridomas and B cell lymphomas. Increased B7-1 expression was induced on both MHC-matched and -mismatched (bystander) B lymphoma cells present in cultures(More)
The Web impacts every facet of business and also impacts the individual. This study seeks to determine what role trust plays in the impact the Web has on the individual by testing a model with satisfaction, usability, trust and ease of use as direct effects on perceived individual impact. The model also includes trust as a moderator between usability and(More)