Kiki G. Papadokostaki

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A study has been made of the kinetics of release into water of a model disperse dye (4-aminoazobenzene) from supersaturated solvent-cast cellulose acetate films at room temperature. Excess dye was introduced into the polymer matrix by: (i) sorption from aqueous solution at 100 degrees C; (ii) sorption from the vapour phase at 110 degrees C; or (iii) prior(More)
In the present work the release behavior of special, multilaminate matrix-type polymer systems, is studied both theoretically and experimentally. Two different mathematical models have been employed to describe the release of a dispersed solute from both single- and multilayer matrices. A parameter sensitivity study shows that the incorporation of(More)
Starting from Fick’s train of thought, which led to the formulation of his law governing diffusion in a solid or liquid medium, we first consider the limits of applicability of this law to solid medium-single penetrant systems. We then take up the question of proper formulation, in combination with simple but physically meaningful modeling, of diffusion(More)
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