Kihwan Moon

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We study theoretically the parametric down-conversion and squeezing of microwaves using cavity quantum electrodynamics of a superconducting Cooper-pair box (CPB) qubit located inside a transmission line resonator. The nonlinear susceptibility chi2 describing three-wave mixing can be tuned by dc gate voltage applied to the CPB and vanishes by symmetry at the(More)
We propose a plasmonic cavity using the cutoff frequency of a metal-insulator-metal (MIM) first-order waveguide mode, which has a deep subwavelength physical size of 240 × 210 × 10 (nm3) = 0.00013 λ0. The cutoff frequency is a unique property of the first-order waveguide mode and provides an effective mode gap mirror. The cutoff frequency has strong(More)
We study a readout scheme of a superconducting flux qubit state with a Cooper pair box as a transmon. The qubit states consist of the superpositions of two degenerate states where the charge and phase degrees of freedom are entangled. Owing to the robustness of the transmon against external fluctuations, our readout scheme enables the quantum non-demolition(More)
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