Kiho Kim

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The Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) method has some problems for SOC estimation such as a long calculation time and high sensitivity to parameter errors and disturbance. This paper proposes a reduced order EKF including an observation noise model and data rejection. To reduce calculation time, the battery model is simplified and the EKF is built as a reduced(More)
In this paper, we propose a simultaneous intrinsic and extrinsic parameter identification of a hand-mounted laser-vision sensor (HMLVS). A laser-vision sensor (LVS), consisting of a camera and a laser stripe projector, is used as a sensor component of the robotic measurement system, and it measures the range data with respect to the robot base frame using(More)
According to the New Look theory, size perception is affected by emotional factors. Although previous studies have attempted to explain the effects of both emotion and motivation on size perception, they have failed to identify the underlying mechanisms. This study aimed to investigate the underlying mechanisms of size perception by applying attention(More)