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Various studies have investigated potential predictors of age at natural menopause but have produced inconsistent results. The relationship between age at natural menopause and socioeconomic, reproductive, and health behavioral factors was evaluated using longitudinal data from 5961 Australian female twins, aged 17 to 88 years at the time of study. The(More)
OBJECTIVE We evaluated the relative importance of predictors of hysterectomy. STUDY DESIGN A questionnaire survey of an Australia-wide sample of adult female twins was conducted; self-report data were validated against reports from treating physicians. RESULTS A total of 3096 women (94%) and 366 physicians (87%) responded. The sensitivity of patient(More)
Multi-wave self-report data on age at menopause in 2182 female twin pairs (1355 monozygotic and 827 dizygotic pairs), were analysed to estimate the genetic, common and unique environmental contribution to variation in age at menopause. Two complementary approaches for analysing correlated time-to-onset twin data are considered: the generalized estimating(More)
BACKGROUND Up to 15% of colorectal cancers are characterised by DNA microsatellite instability (MIN), shown by the presence of DNA replication errors (RERs). AIMS To identify pathological features that are discriminating for colorectal cancer (CRC) showing extensive MIN. SUBJECTS A prospective series of 303 patients with CRC and no family history of(More)
The aim of this study was to establish the diagnostic utility of p53 immunohistochemistry in Barrett's esophagus. Three pathologists reviewed endoscopic biopsy specimens and one surgical specimen derived from 102 subjects in a prospective follow-up series. Dysplasia was graded as negative, indefinite, low grade and high grade. p53 staining was assessed as(More)
OBJECTIVE The radiographic diagnosis of osteoarthritis (OA) in the peripheral skeleton is dependent on the skilled examination of several morphological characteristics of the condition as visualised on plain radiographs. However, the process is perceptual and generally enhanced by comparison against photographic standards. This study assessed the(More)
In a twin sample where duration of gestation can be controlled, a specific example of the fetal origins hypothesis concerning association between low birth weight and early age at menopause is explored. The hypothesis is based on the physiologically plausible path from intrauterine growth retardation and reduced numbers of primary follicles to an earlier(More)
OBJECTIVE The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) classification criteria for osteoarthritis (OA) permit the categorization of individuals for hand, knee, and hip OA and are of defined sensitivity and specificity. They depend on both clinical and radiographic aspects of OA. The clinical diagnosis of OA in the peripheral skeleton is dependent on the(More)