Kierrynn M Davis

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Many pregnant women and women of child-bearing age do not engage in the recommended levels of physical activity despite the well known benefits. Pregnancy and the postpartum period can be a time when inactivity actually increases. Women who experience gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) during their pregnancy are often advised to become more active in order(More)
Nursing research informed by postmodern feminist perspectives has prompted many debates in recent times. While this is so, nurse researchers who have been tempted to break new ground have had few examples of appropriate analytical methods for a research design informed by the above perspectives. This article presents a deconstructive/reconstructive(More)
AIM To gain contextual insights from Tongan healthcare professionals and women who had developed gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). METHOD Qualitative, individual, semi-structured, face-to-face interviews were conducted during 2006 with 11 women who had developed GDM in the previous 12 months and 10 health professionals who worked in the GDM/diabetes(More)
An integrated feminist postmodernist ethnography was applied to explore the experiences of eight women nurses working in the corporate sector and/or management in public hospitals in Western Australia. Data were collected through participant observation, the researcher's field notes and journal and through semi-structured critical conversations. Data were(More)
The worldwide academic workforce is ageing. At the same time, health and human services workforces are expanding. The preparation of educators to fill gaps in expertise and to position the health sciences for future growth is an urgent need. The findings from a recent action learning project that aimed to enhance the professional growth and development of(More)
This article critiques the current debates regarding feminism, postmodernism, and feminist/postmodernism within nursing research. The critique classified the debates into three identifiable constructs: dissatisfaction, fragmentation, and integration. The authors propose a solution from the integration debate as an emancipatory "workable" turning point for(More)
Depression, the most common geriatric psychiatric disorder, is a disabling mood disorder that impairs one's well-being and may even threaten a sufferer's life. Severely depressed elderly persons are more likely to kill themselves than individuals in any other age group. However, geriatric depression is, for the most part, a treatable and manageable illness.(More)
BACKGROUND Adolescents and young adults (AYAs) with cancer have been recognized as being disadvantaged within the present healthcare system. This article is part of a major study that was motivated by the principal researcher's own experience of her 17-year-old son dying of cancer and from current literature that highlights the lack of support and(More)
This research represents the first stage of a project to determine the level of use and effectiveness of informal support networks utilised by Australian rural women. We used a feminist narrative approach with semistructured interviews and a convenience sample of 26 rural women. Only 9 out of 12 women's stories are presented. We found that poverty and(More)
This paper critiques the topic of postmodernism and how it is represented in nursing and social science literature. This critique classified the debates into three identifiable constructs, those being: dissatisfaction; fragmentation and integration. The authors propose a solution from the integration debate by putting forward the notion of an 'integrated(More)