Kieran White

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We have carried out a comparison of interactive search in a homogenous information retrieval domain using a keyword search engine on the one hand and a concept ontology system on the other. The experimental design was that of the TREC Interactive Track. While the results showed that keyword search was superior on this occasion, we have identified the ideal(More)
The basic architecture of our factoid system is standard in nature and comprises query type identification, query analysis and translation, retrieval query formulation, document retrieval, text file parsing, named entity recognition and answer entity selection. Factoid classification into 69 query types is carried out using keywords. Associated with each(More)
We present an experiment in which an information retrieval system using a forest of decision trees was trained using Utgoff's ITI algorithm on two test collections. The system was then compared with a conventional inverted indexing engine and found to give a superior performance. We argue that the method has the potential to be used in real applications(More)
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