Kieran S O'Brien

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PURPOSE We described the change in visual acuity experienced by eyes successfully treated for bacterial keratitis. METHODS This was a prospective cohort study of a subset of study participants who had previously enrolled in the Steroids for Corneal Ulcers Trial (SCUT). All study participants had been diagnosed with culture-proven bacterial keratitis(More)
Infections of the cornea can lead to corneal opacity and blindness if not identified quickly and managed appropriately. The terms 'microbial keratitis', 'infective keratitis' and 'suppurative keratitis' are all used to describe suppurative infections of the cornea. In this issue we use the term microbial keratitis. These infections are characterised by the(More)
PURPOSE To perform a Bayesian analysis of the Mycotic Ulcer Treatment Trial I (MUTT I) using expert opinion as a prior belief. METHODS MUTT I was a randomized clinical trial comparing topical natamycin or voriconazole for treating filamentous fungal keratitis. A questionnaire elicited expert opinion on the best treatment of fungal keratitis before MUTT I(More)
PURPOSE We applied a novel diffusion spectrum imaging (DSI) acquisition to determine associations between aging and subcortical fiber tract integrity. MATERIALS AND METHODS We studied 35 cognitively healthy subjects (17 women), spanning the adult age range between 23 and 77 years, using anatomical MRI and a novel DSI acquisition scheme at 3 Tesla. The(More)
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