Kieran Patel

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OBJECTIVE To examine the impact of the combination of infliximab plus methotrexate (MTX) on the progression of structural damage in patients with early rheumatoid arthritis (RA). METHODS Subanalyses were carried out on data for patients with early RA in the Anti-TNF Therapy in RA with Concomitant Therapy (ATTRACT) study, in which 428 patients with active(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer regisries worldwide have evolved to provide useful information on the burden and diversity of the patterns of cancer, information that is vital for establishing appropriate programmes for disease management. Population based data on cancer in western Kenya as captured in the Eldoret cancer registry established in 1999 is analysed and(More)
INTRODUCTION We investigated the effect of postural changes on various cardiovascular parameters across gender. Twenty-eight healthy subjects (16 male, 12 female) were observed at rest (supine) and subjected to 3 interventions; head-down tilt (HDT), HDT with lower body negative pressure (HDT+ LBNP at -30 mm Hg), and head-up tilt (HUT), each for 10 minutes(More)
BACKGROUND Wilms' tumour is a common malignant neoplasm of the kidney and is ranked among the top six solid tumours in children in Kenya. Despite its rapid growth and therefore debilitating effects on its victims, it is one tumour that has shown good response to combined modality approach to its treatmentwith encouraging possibilities of survival even in(More)
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