Kieran O'Doherty

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BACKGROUND While the social, ethical, and legal implications of biobanking and large scale data sharing are already complicated enough, they may be further compounded by research on the human microbiome. DISCUSSION The human microbiome is the entire complement of microorganisms that exists in and on every human body. Currently most biobanks focus(More)
Many studies have shown how the human gut microbiome can be altered by diet, antibiotics, and other factors. All of these factors can contribute to dysbiosis, where the services typically provided by symbi-otic microflora are disrupted because of shifts in function or diversity. Just as humans have impacted many large animal species in the environment,(More)
Mobile Data Services (MDS) are increasingly important as revenues from voice calling are decreasing for mobile carriers, and there are many predictions that the use of MDS will increase in Australia. To explore the characteristics of MDS users, we conducted a survey with over 6000 respondents in Australia. The findings show that age is the most important(More)
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