Kien Tuong Phan

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In an attempt to solve the lengthy training times of neural networks, we proposed Parallel Circuits (PCs), a biologically inspired architecture. Previous work has shown that this approach fails to maintain generalization performance in spite of achieving sharp speed gains. To address this issue, and motivated by the way Dropout prevents node co-adaption, in(More)
One of the common problems of neural networks, especially those with many layers, consists of their lengthy training time. We attempt to solve this problem at the algorithmic level, proposing a simple parallel design which is inspired by the parallel circuits found in the human retina. To avoid large matrix calculations, we split the original network(More)
How to design and train increasingly large neural network models is a topic that has been actively researched for several years. However, while there exists a large number of studies on training deeper and/or wider models, there is relatively little systematic research particularly on the effective usage of wide modular neural networks. Addressing this gap,(More)
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