Kien T. Pham

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Dual linearly polarized transmitarray antennas with wideband performance are investigated in X-band. Their designs are based on unit-cells with bandpass response. Their structures consist of three conducting layers printed on two identical dielectric substrates glued with a bonding film. Detailed experimental results demonstrate excellent polarization(More)
This paper describes the design of a 3-bit circularly-polarized transmitarray antenna operating in Ka-band. The array is based on a unit-cell composed of two U-shaped slot loaded patch antennas, which are connected by a metallized via hole and printed on two identical dielectric substrates. The latter are separated by a ground plane and bonded by a CuClad(More)
This paper presents the detailed experimental characterization of X-band 400-element transmitarray antennas in dual linear polarization. The latter can radiate two different and independent beams in two distinct directions with orthogonal polarizations. Two prototypes are designed and fabricated at 10 GHz; one with two beams radiating at boresight, and one(More)
Dual-band transmitarray antennas are demonstrated at Ka-band with the capability of forming independent linearly polarized beams with a given polarization in each frequency band, while sharing the same radiating aperture. The proposed three-layer unit-cell is based on identical narrow microstrip patches printed on both receiving and transmitting layers and(More)
Transmitarray antennas with dual-band and dual-polarization capabilities are studied here numerically. The antennas are designed based on linearly-polarized unit-cells working at Ka-band for satellite applications. The unit-cells include two printed patches and a connecting via; a 180° phase shift is obtained by rotating one of the patches. The(More)
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