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The endometrium is receptive to embryo implantation only for a short period in each reproductive cycle: development of receptivity requires alterations in endometrial gene expression. Calbindin (CaBP)-d9k and CaBP-d28k are related proteins containing EF hand motifs that have a high affinity for Ca2+. We previously demonstrated that endometrial expression of(More)
The endometrium is hostile to embryo implantation except during the 'window of receptivity'. A change in endometrial gene expression is required for the development of receptivity. Calbindin-d9k (CaBP-d9k) and calbindin-d28k (CaBP-d28k) are proteins possessing EF-hand motifs which have high affinity for Ca2+ ions. Previously, it has been demonstrated that,(More)
Immune competency is depressed in the perioperative period. The role of anesthetic agents in immune reactivity remains unclear. The chemotactic migration of polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNs) to the cornea of rabbits injured by clove oil was studied. PMNs were previously radiolabeled with tritiated (3H) thymidine. Immediately following injury, the rabbits(More)
Nasopharyngeal airway should be placed to reach the tongue base without contact with the epiglottis. The correct length of the nasopharyngeal airway in Chinese adults was estimated in seventy-three surgical patients under general anesthesia (30 males and 43 females, aged 18-82 yr). Measurements were performed with a soft, uncuffed, ID 6.0 mm endotracheal(More)
Twenty females, aged 31 to 49 years, scheduled for abdominal total hysterectomy were randomly divided into two groups in this study. An epidural catheter was placed at T11-12 before general anesthesia. All patients receive the combination of epidural anesthesia and general anesthesia for the operation and relief of pain postoperatively. The modified(More)
Intrathecal morphine for post-operative analgesia is famous for its quality and safety, but its role in post-Cesarean analgesia is not well established. In this study, we investigate its analgesic effect, complication rate and neonatal outcome under various dosages of morphine. The parturients divided into five groups according to morphine dosage: 0, 0.1,(More)