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Honeybee Robotics Spacecraft Mechanisms Corporation has developed a Control Moment Gyroscope product suitable for small spacecraft. Each individual CMG exhibits a nominal angular momentum of 56 mNm-s with a peak of 86 mNm-s, and corresponding output torques of 112 mNm and 172 mNm respectively. Each unit measures 48 × 48 × 91 mm and weighs 600(More)
The Mars Astrobiology Research and Technology Experiment (MARTE) simulated a robotic drilling mission to search for subsurface life on Mars. The drill site was on Peña de Hierro near the headwaters of the Río Tinto river (southwest Spain), on a deposit that includes massive sulfides and their gossanized remains that resemble some iron and sulfur minerals(More)
Energen, Inc. has demonstrated new tuners based on magnetostrictive actuators to address SRF cavity fast tuning requirements for next-generation particle accelerators. Prototype fast tuners were fabricated and delivered to DESY, Argonne National Lab and Jefferson Lab. Results are reported from tests at Jefferson Laboratory, which were done under realistic(More)
The NASA Mars Astrobiology Research and Technology Experiment (MARTE) performed a field test simulating a robotic drilling mission on Mars in September, 2005. The experiment took place in Minas de Riotinto in southwestern Spain, a highly relevant Mars analog site. The experiment utilized a 10 meter class dry auger coring drill, a robotic core sample(More)
NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) is a challenging mission to capture and bring back either an entire asteroid (Option A) or a large boulder from the surface of an asteroid (Option B) to a cislunar orbit. Options A and B have a range of risks; one of them relates to the unknown strength of the asteroid or boulder. This paper describes methods of(More)
Mars Astrobiology Research and Technology Experiment (MARTE) investigators used an automated drill and sample processing hardware to detect and categorize life-forms found in subsurface rock at Río Tinto, Spain. For the science to be successful, it was necessary for the biomass from other sources--whether from previously processed samples (cross(More)
Energen, Inc. has designed, built, and demonstrated several fast and slow tuners based on its magnetostrictive actuators and stepper motor. These tuners are designed for Superconducting Radio Frequency (SRF) cavities, which are important structures in particle accelerators that support a wide spectrum of disciplines, including nuclear and high-energy(More)
The goal of the Mars2020 mission is to acquire up to 28 rock/regolith samples and 3 blanks (or 34 rock/regolith samples and 3 blanks), and cache these for the future sample return mission. Honeybee Robotics investigated three architectures; however only two showed promise. In the One Bit One Core (OBOC) architecture, individual drill bits with core samples(More)
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