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A small animal PET scanner using 256-channel PS-PMTs has been designed, constructed, and evaluated. The scanner has twelve detector modules, each of which consists of a double-layer array of LYSO crystals and three PS-PMTs (Hama- matsu R8400-00-M256). In the LYSO crystal block, 32 times 53 crystal elements are optically coupled to 32 times 54 crystal(More)
A new positron emission tomography (PET) scanner for whole-body studies has been developed. The scanner has 720 block detectors, each of which consists of a flat panel position-sensitive photomultiplier and a 16/spl times/8 BGO crystal array. The detector system is composed of 12 layers of block detector rings stacked axially, and each ring consists of a(More)
A new brain PET scanner based on single event data acquisition with on-the-fly coincidence detection has been developed. The new scanner was designed to form a detector ring of 430 mm in diameter with 32 detector modules. The single event data generated at each detector module were transferred to the data acquisition system through a fiber cable. The single(More)
A new PET scanner having coarse septa provides high sensitivity with suppressing single and scattered events. Data correction and normalization methods for the PET scanner have been developed, which include a new scatter correction method utilizing measured scatter event data, component-based normalization for the detector sensitivity and segmentation(More)
We have reported a fast iterative algorithm, DRAMA (Dynamic RAMLA), for emission CT. The relaxation parameter is controlled in such a way that the contribution of noise from subsets to the image is balanced at the end of each main-iteration. DRAMA provides a rapid convergence with a good S/N ratio by avoiding the limit-cycle problem. In this paper, we(More)
A high-resolution positron emission tomography (PET) scanner, dedicated to brain studies, was developed and its performance was evaluated. A four-layer depth of interaction detector was designed containing five detector units axially lined up per layer board. Each of the detector units consists of a finely segmented (1.2 mm) LYSO scintillator array and an 8(More)
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