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This paper reported the construction of partial discharge measurement system under influence of cylindrical metal particle in transformer oil. The partial discharge of free cylindrical metal particle in the uniform electric field under AC applied voltage was studied in this paper. The partial discharge inception voltage (PDIV) for the single particle was(More)
Petroleum-based mineral oil has been used as insulator in high voltage transformer for more than a century. However, due to the environmental issue and since the petroleum-based mineral oil is going to run out, many researchers nowadays have done a research to replace the mineral oil with vegetables oil. RBDPO (Refined, Bleached and Deodorized Palm Oil),(More)
Partial discharge (PD) induced by the presence of free spherical metal particle in two commercial transformer oils has been measured in order to develop an effective monitoring system for high voltage transformer. The PD measurement result of the conventional mineral oil has been compared with vegetable-based transformer oil of Palm Fatty Acid Ester Oil(More)
This paper reported the experimental result of breakdown voltage characteristics of Refined, Bleach and Deodorized Palm Olein (RBDPOlein) with 10–50% of Envirotemp FR3 oil (FR3) mixture. The experiment was conducted at the temperature of room temperature (26°C–27°C), 40°C, 50°C, and 60°C under quasi-uniform(More)
This paper reported the partial discharge of free spherical metal particle in mineral oil and Palm Fatty Acid Ester Oil (PFAE) under quasi-uniform field of AC applied voltage in transformer. The partial discharge inception voltage (PDIV) for the single particle was measured to be 11kV and 15kV for PFAE and mineral, respectively. The Phase-Resolved Partial(More)
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