Kiarash Narimani

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In this paper, a stair-planar phased array antenna system for mobile broadcast satellite reception in Ku-band will be introduced. The height of the antenna is only 6 cm and the system has two-dimensional electronic scanning capability. The design procedures of low profile high gain microstrip sub-array antennas, low noise amplifiers, hybrid analog phase(More)
Smart cards provide a convenient way of carrying a limited amount of personal information. This may include medical information, bank account and password information, etc. To protect this information from unauthorized access, data can be encrypted when stored on the card. To ensure privacy, we require an authentication process to ensure legitimate access(More)
The bandgap tunability of (Si)GeSn group IV semiconductors opens a new era in Si-technology. Depending on the Si/Sn contents, direct and indirect bandgaps in the range of 0.4-0.8 eV can be obtained, offering a broad spectrum of both photonic and low power electronic applications. In this work, we systematically studied capacitance-voltage characteristics of(More)
In this work, we present our experimental results on Si GAA NW TFET inverters. The ambipolarity of both n- and p-TFETs was successfully suppressed by employing a drain spacer to create an intrinsic Si region between the drain and the gate, the so-called drain-gate underlap. The complementary TFET inverters show a steep transition between high/low states.(More)
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