Kian Shen Kiang

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We demonstrate the direct excitation of a single TE mode in 25 nm thick planar crystalline silicon waveguide by photon tunneling from a layer of fluorescent dye molecules deposited by the Langmuir-Blodgett technique. The observed photon tunneling rate as a function of the dye-silicon separation is well fitted by a theoretical tunneling rate, which is(More)
Acidogenic bacteria within dental plaque biofilms are the causative agents of caries. Consequently, maintenance of a healthy oral environment with efficient biofilm removal strategies is important to limit caries, as well as halt progression to gingivitis and periodontitis. Recently, a novel cleaning device has been described using an ultrasonically(More)
A novel supercycled atomic layer deposition (ALD) process which combines thermal ALD process with in situ O2 plasma treatment is presented in this work to deposit ZnO thin films with highly tunable electrical properties. Both O2 plasma time and the number of thermal ALD cycles in a supercycle can be adjusted to achieve fine tuning of film resistivity and(More)
A novel e-beam free, top-down spacer etch process was used to fabricate sub-hundred nanometer Ge2Sb2Te5 phase change nanowires. Naowires with a cross-section dimension of 50 nm × 100 nm (width × height) were obtained and phase change functionality demonstrated. Keywords-phase change materials; nanowire; spacer etch
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