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AIM To explore whether patients with a defective ileocecal valve (ICV)/cecal distension reflex have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. METHODS Using a colonoscope, under conscious sedation, the ICV was intubated and the colonoscope was placed within the terminal ileum (TI). A manometry catheter with 4 pressure channels, spaced 1 cm apart, was passed(More)
AIM To identify key variables associated with colon cancer testing using the 2009 California Health Inventory Survey (CHIS). METHODS The CHIS has been conducted biennially since 2001 using a two-stage, geographically stratified random-digit-dial sample design to produce a representative sample of the entire State. For this study we used survey data from(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Prior case series document removal of retained video capsules predominantly via surgical intervention. Data on endoscopic removal of retained capsules are limited. Our aim was to describe an endoscopic method of retrieval using double balloon enteroscopy (DBE). METHODS A retrospective case series examination found 10 patients who(More)
example, indole induces biofilm formation in many Gram-negative bacteria by serving as a source of carbon in nutrient-poor environments. Indole is formed by the hydrolysis of tryptophan by the enzyme tryptophanase. In addition, polyamines are essential for cell growth by serving as metabolic signals. In V. cholera, the polyamine norspermidine activates(More)
Prevalence data for heartburn in the urban Black American community is lacking. In order to estimate prevalence for this community, we analyzed data from an ongoing cohort study in progress at our hospital. Comprehensive interviews allowed for exploration of factors associated with heartburn. Complex, stratified sampling design was the method used. Survey(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Psychosocial stressors likely play an important role in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The association between IBS and post-trau-matic stress disorder (PTSD) in non-minorities has been described. Our aim was to investigate the potential association between IBS and PTSD in an urban African American population. METHODS Our institution(More)
DISCUSSION More than 1900 genetic variations in the CFTR gene have been reported to date, and more than 40% of these are rare missense mutations with unidentified molecular or phenotypic consequences. Prior studies have demonstrated that nearly 40% of patients diagnosed with ICP have CFTR mutations, most of which are heterozygous. A classification system(More)
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