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Recent research on Internet traffic classification algorithms has yield a flurry of proposed approaches for distinguishing types of traffic, but no systematic comparison of the various algorithms. This fragmented approach to traffic classification research leaves the operational community with no basis for consensus on what approach to use when, and how to(More)
Primary cilia are evolutionarily conserved cellular organelles that organize diverse signalling pathways. Defects in the formation or function of primary cilia are associated with a spectrum of human diseases and developmental abnormalities. Genetic screens in model organisms have discovered core machineries of cilium assembly and maintenance. However,(More)
The function of a protein is intimately tied to its subcellular localization. Although localizations have been measured for many yeast proteins through systematic GFP fusions, similar studies in other branches of life are still forthcoming. In the interim, various machine-learning methods have been proposed to predict localization using physical(More)
BACKGROUND Maternal exposure to wood fuel smoke may lead to impaired fetal growth due to hypoxia and or oxidative stress from smoke constituents such as carbon monoxide and particulate matter. OBJECTIVES We studied the risk of low birth weight (LBW) and reduced mean birth weight in relation to reported use of wood for cooking during the prenatal period,(More)
Given the concern over the potential for health risks associated with certain ingredients (e.g., phthalates) in personal care products, usage patterns of ∼30 types of personal care products (e.g., shampoo, sunscreen, fragrance, etc.) were collected in 604 California households through a telephone interview. Preferences in selecting products, e.g., scented(More)
A seawater bacterium, designated IMCC3195T, was isolated from the Antarctic coast. Cells of the novel strain were Gram-negative, rusty-coloured, strictly aerobic, chemoheterotrophic, non-budding and non-motile rods or vibrioids that possessed a thin prostheca. Based on 16S rRNA gene sequence comparisons, the novel strain was most closely related to the(More)
Gram-negative, facultatively aerobic, chemoheterotrophic, short rod-shaped marine bacterial strains HTCC2662(T) and HTCC2663, isolated from the Sargasso Sea by using a dilution-to-extinction culturing method, were investigated to determine their taxonomic position. Characterization of the two strains by phenotypic and phylogenetic analyses revealed that(More)
The transcription factor ATF2 elicits oncogenic activities in melanoma and tumor suppressor activities in nonmalignant skin cancer. Here, we identify that ATF2 tumor suppressor function is determined by its ability to localize at the mitochondria, where it alters membrane permeability following genotoxic stress. The ability of ATF2 to reach the mitochondria(More)
An ozone (O3) exposure study was conducted in Nashville, TN, using passive O3 samplers to measure six weekly outdoor, indoor, and personal O3 exposure estimates for a group of 10- to 12-yr-old elementary school children. Thirty-six children from two Nashville area communities (Inglewood and Hendersonville) participated in the O3 sampling program, and 99(More)
Strain IMCC9063 is a novel isolate of the SAR11 clade and is distantly related to other cultured representatives in this clade. The strain was isolated off the coast of Svalbard, Norway, by applying high-throughput culturing methods based on dilution to extinction. Here we present the finished genome sequence of strain IMCC9063.