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nfectious diseases have recently caused substantial community and ecosystem-wide impacts in marine communities. A long-spined sea urchin disease virtually eradicated urchins from the Caribbean and facilitated a coral to algal shift on many reefs (Hughes et al. 1994). Coral diseases , such as white band (Figure 1), white plague, white pox, and aspergillosis(More)
Many cnidarians host endosymbiotic dinoflagellates from the genus Symbiodinium. It is generally assumed that the symbiosis is mutualistic, where the host benefits from symbiont photosynthesis while providing protection and photosynthetic substrates. Diverse assemblages of symbiotic gorgonian octocorals can be found in hard bottom communities throughout the(More)
In the last decade, we have witnessed revitalization of multi-carrier techniques, and in particular orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) for wireless applications. For wireless applications, an OFDM air-interface is of interest, because it can turn a wideband frequency selective channel into narrowband frequency flat channels. This makes the(More)
Kim, Kiho, "Remote robot manipulator coupled with remote-controlled guide vehicle for soil sampling in hazardous waste sites " This manuscript has been reproduced from the microfilm master. UMI films the text directly from the original or copy submitted. Thus, some thesis and dissertation copies are in typewriter face, while others may be from any type of(More)
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