Ki-Young Park

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Based on a psychological selective attention theory a new algorithm is developed to provide reliable out-of-vocabulary (OOV) rejection for speech recognition systems in noisy environments. The developed attention model is based on Broadbent's " early filtering " theory, and the attention adaptation process utilizes a gradient-descent error minimization(More)
Keratinocyte stem/progenitor cells (KSCs) reside in the bulge region of the hair follicles and may be involved in hair growth. Hair follicle dermal papilla cells (HFDPCs) and outer root sheath (ORS) cells were treated with conditioned medium (CM) of KSCs. Moreover, the effects of KSC-CM on hair growth were examined ex vivo and in vivo. A human growth factor(More)
In this paper we describe the properties of independent components of optical ow of moving objects. Video sequences of objects seen by an observer moving at various angles, directions and distances are used to produce optical ow maps. These maps are then processed using independent component analysis, which yields l-ters that resemble the receptive elds of(More)
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