Ki-Young Han

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—To reduce handover overhead such as signaling overhead and latency, optimal handover algorithm is needed for Mobile Multi-hop Relay (MMR) systems. This article proposes a novel handover method that reduces inter-cell handover but increases intra-cell handover events, because inter-cell handover has more overhead in view of the system and gives more latency(More)
— A Mobile Multi-hop Relay (MMR) Task Group was created to achieve coverage extension and throughput enhancement by introducing a Relay Station (RS) in the IEEE 802.16 system. If the RS is introduced in the 802.16 system, the reliability of data transmission is worsen, since data transmission failures occur more frequently due to several wireless links(More)
— Some multihop cellular networks use spatial resource reuses for concurrent data transmission in a cell. However, there are no fundamental resource reuse policies among multiple hops to analyze the capacity of multihop cellular networks. So, in this letter, we propose a basic resource reuse scheme by applying a general resource reuse scheme that is used(More)
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