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A new inspection robot system is presented for live-line suspension insulator strings to prevent an insulator failure that can have severe effects on national industry, economy and security. This robot system is small-sized, lightweight and more superior in insulation and reliability by adopting a new wheel-leg moving mechanism and a new insulation(More)
Condition monitoring system is pivotal for a wind farm to maximize the availability and economic efficiency of its wind turbines. This paper offers state-of-the-art condition monitoring systems to observe the current status of a wind turbine and to send out embryonic alarm signals before its fault. The developed system is mainly made up of four components:(More)
The insulators in power transmission lines should be inspected periodically to prevent power failure. By measuring their insulation resistance and distribution voltage with a high resistance resistor at each probe, the developed inspection tool can reliably and safely detect faulty insulators in an insulator string. We confirmed its effectiveness through(More)
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