Ki-Woong Whang

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This study analyzed neuronal responses in the second somatosensory (SII) and 7b cortical areas during a selective attention task. Cues directed attention to one of three simultaneous stimuli: vibrotactile stimuli applied to mirror sites on both hands or to a similarly timed auditory tone. Two stimulus patterns appeared with equal probability for the cued(More)
Selective spatial attention has a greater effect on detection of the absence of an amplitude change than it has on detection of the presence of such a change. Attention to one of four fingertips was manipulated by an 80% valid tactile cue in two-interval forced-choice tasks. In one task, the target was a vibrotactile amplitude change appearing among(More)
This study demonstrated effects of stimulus order on single-cell responses in the macaque primary and secondary somatosensory and 7b cortical areas. As part of a study of tactile attention, two monkeys (Macaca mulatta) received similar constant amplitude, sinusoidal tactile vibration patterns (125 Hz) at two glabrous skin, hand locations. The stimuli(More)
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