Ki-Woong Moon

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In digital forensics, recovery of a damaged or altered video file plays a crucial role in searching for evidences to resolve a criminal case. This paper presents a frame-based recovery technique of a corrupted video file using the specifications of a codec used to encode the video data. A video frame is the minimum meaningful unit of video data. Many(More)
This paper describes a method for verifying the authenticity of a seal impression imprinted on a document based on the seal overlay metric, which refers to the ratio of an effective seal impression pattern and the noise in the neighborhood of the reference impression region. A reference seal pattern is obtained by taking the average of a number of(More)
In order to improve the hard magnetic properties of MnAl alloy, it is critical to fabricate fine τ phase MnAl powders. In addition, a rapid cooling process and an addition of stabilization elements are required to fabricate a homogeneous phase because a τ phase is a metastable structure. In this study, τ-Mn54Al(46-x)C(x) (x = 0, 1, 2) powders were prepared(More)
Magnetic properties and microstructures of iron-based nanopowders fabricated by several methods, such as sol-gel, thermal decomposition, and self-propagating combustion methods, were investigated. During a subsequent reduction annealing, added aluminum atoms formed coherent oxide shells with a hercynite structure around iron cores in all the nanopowders. In(More)
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