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Despite theoretical predictions, it remains an experimental challenge to realize an artificial magnetic skyrmion whose topology can be well controlled and tailored so that its topological effect can be revealed explicitly in a deformation of the spin textures. Here we report epitaxial magnetic thin films in which an artificial skyrmion is created by(More)
In this paper, we propose a postprocessing method based on a quantization noise model with some assumptions in wavelet domain to reduce the blocking and ringing artifacts in block-coded video sequences. The quantization noise is considered as the sum of the blocking noise and the remainder noise including ringing noise. Since the one-dimensional (1-D)(More)
Sometimes, the spins in a magnetic material will form tiny swirls that can move around like particles. The spins themselves stay put—it's the pattern that moves. These quasiparticles have been dubbed " skyrmions, " after British physicist Tony Skyrme, who described their mathematics in a series of papers in the early 1960s. Now, over 50 years later,(More)
Increasing the remanence value of bulk permanent magnets is a critical issue to increase their maximum energy product ((BH)(max)) value. Currently, the enhancement of magnetic alignment is known to come close to the engineering limit. In this study, we investigated the effect of a magnetic layered structure on the remanence value using strontium ferrite and(More)
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