Ki Won Yoon

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  • Scott Dodelson, Richard Easther, Shaul Hanany, Liam Mcallister, Stephan Meyer, Lyman Page +206 others
This white paper was assembled by Scott Dodelson with input from many of the cosigners. It is part of the efforts of NASA'a Primordial Polarization Program Definition Team (PPPDT), Shaul Hanany chair, and of a NASA award to Steve Meyer and colleagues entitled " A study for a CMB Probe of Inflation " (07-ASMCS07-0012).
In this study, a high-speed receiver for a capsule endoscope was proposed and implemented. The proposed receiver could receive 20 Mbps data that was sufficient to receive images with a higher resolution than conventional receivers. The receiver used a 1.2 GHz band to receive radio frequency (RF) signal, and demodulated the signal to an intermediate(More)
SUMMARY To detect lung area, this paper proposes curve stopping function that is based on CT coefficient of area of lung parenchyma instead of existing edge indication function. The proposed method was compared numerically using various measures and this method can detect better lung parenchyma region than existing methods. In addition, detecting procedure(More)
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