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<i>Select-and-Point</i> provides us with a new interface and intuitive interaction style in our daily computer use. With simple selection and pointing hand gestures, users can eliminate cumbersome processes in managing connections and controls between multiple devices as well as in sharing information/data. We implemented a <i>Select-and-Point</i> system in(More)
From the point of view of information technology the immune system is a highly parallel and distributed intelligent system which has learning, memory, and associative capabilities. Artificial immune system is a novel evolutionary paradigm inspired by the biological aspects of the immune system of mammals. The human immune system has motivated scientists and(More)
Three worlds are integral to our daily life: the real world, virtual world, and remote world. In the paper, there is proposed coexistent space where networked users can communicate, interact, and collaborate together by exchanging 4D+ sensation, human intension, and emotion. The 4D+ sensation includes 3D vision, 3D sound, force and torque, touch, and(More)
The navigation function of an e-book significantly influences its usability. In this paper, we introduce Touch-Bookmark (TB), a multitouch navigation technique for e-books. TB enables users to bookmark a page in a casual manner and return to it quickly when required. Moreover, the users can flip between two remote pages by using simple gestures. In a(More)
We introduce a novel finger worn ring interface that enables complex spatial interactions through 3D hand movement in virtual reality environment. Users receive physical feedback in the form of vibrations from the wearable ring interface as their finger reaches a certain 3D position. The positions of the fingertip are extracted, linked, and then(More)